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Gina Bowen and Laura Primus are both Certified Holistic Cancer Coaches and Certified Health Coaches. 

This isn't the typical About Us page.

We realize that you may want to know more about us individually, but let's start with how we got here.

So it all started for Gina when her dad passed away from cancer when she was a teen. Overnight, she had a passion, and a drive that fueled her and always has. However, she just didn't know exactly where she fit into the larger picture of helping and impacting people who had been through cancer. 

Laura is a breast cancer survivor and was health coaching and didn't know where to specialize. She was asked "what do you think about most, what do you read and research about all the time?" Her answer was cancer. 

Laura created The ReMission Project in 2016. She googled cancer coaches in her area and came across Gina. They met, they talked, they didn't have an expectation. They were essentially competitors, right? 

What happened next was beautiful. They both wanted someone to work with, to partner with, in order to be "all in" to cancer coaching. In order to make a bigger difference. What they didn't know going into that meeting was that they were going to meet their perfect match that day. 

Laura loves the research, the science. Gina loves the coaching, the personal connection. They are unique in their gifts and as a team create a complete, holistic, all encompassing approach for their clients.

Their mission... To help people get into and stay in ReMission. 

They are committed to helping lessen the overwhelm and confusion of all of the differing opinions and information out there and help people take each step forward with confidence and with ease. 

With them, you don't just get to learn different approaches and tools to implement, you are guided into how to implement them into your life, where you are at personally. 

It's all about YOU! Your journey is unique just like Gina and Laura and you will always feel completely understood and supported when you invite them into your world...and they hope you do.


More about Laura Primus:


Laura's journey to being a Holistic Cancer Coach started a long time ago when her passion around health intensified around numerous health issues.  Always fascinated by how the body works she started studying and reading book after book, article after article about health, diet, fitness and anything else.  She became a go-to for many friends and family which led her to choose a career in health coaching and personal training.

In 2013 Laura was diagnosed with two different types of breast cancer, invasive lobular and invasive ductal.  This created a passion in her to take her education about the body to a much deeper level and her focus became all about remission from the time she was diagnosed until present day.

In 2016 she turned her general health coaching practice into The Cancer ReMission Project.  It took some time to allow herself to focus on cancer.  While she knew that she had a tremendous of power when it comes to her health it was still an emotional choice to focus on cancer.  But, when she realized that all her time was spent reading books about complementary and alternative therapies for cancer the switch had to be made.  Cancer can bring so much fear for what the future holds and Laura's desire is to take the fear out of cancer for her clients and to provide them with all the support to implement the best strategies to beat cancer and look forward to a long, healthy future.

Laura is a Certified Holistic Health Coach and Certified Health Coach.  She holds a B.S. in Marketing from Arizona State University.

Laura lives with her husband and two children in Pleasant Hill, California.  She loves to read and go to movies, get-aways with her hubby, watching Super Hero movies with her son and heading to the beach with her daughter.  

 More about Gina Bowen:

Gina was 15 years old when her life changed. Her dad was diagnosed with Stage IV Colorectal Cancer. He lived for only 6 months from his date of diagnosis until his death on Gina's 16th birthday.

Since then, she has been driven to make an impact in the lives of people touched by cancer. A few years after her father's passing, most likely due to the stress and grief she experienced, she became ill. After a year plus of confusion, testing, and many specialists, she was diagnosed with Lupus. At this time, she decided to turn down conventional treatment and take charge of her health. She changed her diet, practiced self-care, managed her stress, and took better care of her emotional and mental health. Within 5 years, she was symptom free and tested negative for Lupus. It has been over 10 years that Gina has lived in "remission" and is committed everyday to her health and wellness.

Through her own experience and understanding the many challenges that went with it, she has been driven to help others on their own health journeys to make it easier, less confusing and less stressful. She is fulfilling her passion now as a cancer and wellness coach and her mission is to help others get into and stay in remission by guiding and supporting them to make powerful changes in an easy and completely manageable way.

Gina Bowen is a Certified Holistic Cancer Coach and Certified Wellness Coach. She received her Masters in Education from Mills College and her BA in Human Development from California State University, Sacramento. 

Gina has a wonderfully supportive husband, two young children and a dog. In her spare time, she loves to spend time with family and friends, enjoys the outdoors, being active, reading, learning, and traveling.


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