This is the only way you’ll be healthy…

Have you ever read a book or article or listened to someone talk and they claimed that THEIR way to be healthy is the ONLY way you’ll lose weight, recover from an illness or feel happy, healthy and whole?

Does it every strike you as…..somewhat auspicious yet slightly off-putting?

When I hear anyone talk about a way of living, eating, breathing and exercising being the end all I tend to turn my brain off.  Sometimes I’ll keep reading if I’ve seen a lot of good stuff from this particular person before but often I am thinking, “here we go again”.

The truth is, when it comes to ANY illness or health goal there is NOT one path to total wellness. 

There just isn’t.

This is why Gina Bowen, my lovely fellow Holistic Cancer Coach and fabulous business partner, and I never tell any of our clients THIS is the way to _________________.  Because, honestly, as they say, there are a lot of ways to skin a cat (honestly, what a weird idiom but we all know what it means, right?!).   There really are so many ways to accomplish the goals and it is very individual.

The what each person is trying to accomplish doesn’t change, however.  It is the how that is unique.  Sometimes it is subtly different between people and sometimes dramatically different.

So, when Gina and I work with a client, who hasn’t already been given a protocol by their doctor or nutritionist, we never say, “THIS is what is going to work.  DO THIS.”  Why, do we go about it this way? 

Well, first, we never, ever prescribe anything (we leave that to the client’s doctor, nutritionist or other licensed individual who can prescribe).  Our jobs are to, primarily, educate and support.  When a client has no in-place protocol from their doctor we educate them on what may help them.  When they have a prescribed protocol we support them to implement the protocol and sometimes work with the prescribing person when it isn’t going quite as was hoped. 

Second reason we don’t say, “do THIS it’ll work” is we because we believe (actually, we know) there are no absolutes when it comes to getting well.

Our process is that we educate our clients about what may be beneficial, support them, and get them to their goal.  Then we share tips, tricks and tools that may be just the thing to help them.  Then, it is up to our now well-informed client to make the choice that is right for their body and their life.  Which is right for their health.  Then we support them to implement the changes into their life and avoid as many of the ups and downs and pitfalls they will face (because we all have trouble at times and sabotage can be our middle name). 

Here’s the thing though.  The WHAT we are trying to accomplish for our clients as Holistic Cancer Coaches is always the same.  Balance.  Homeostasis.  In order to be healthy you need balanced blood sugar, balanced hormones, a healthy response to stress, lowered inflammation, a nice, clean liver that helps clear out the toxins, good hydration, and more.  This is the what that is the same for everyone.  It’s the how they get to homeostasis that is unique to everyone.

For instance, the ketogenic diet (keto) works amazingly well for many cancers.  I, for one, am a survivor of a particular type of cancer, breast cancer, that responds quite well to a high fat, low carb diet (HFLC).  A friend of mine has leukemia, however, and she will not respond well to the diet.  However, WHAT we are both trying to accomplish is the same.  We will just go about it in very different ways.  And, my friend with prostate cancer could be negatively affected by the ketosis part of the ketogenic diet.  He will benefit from a low carb diet but we don’t want to get him into ketosis (more on what that is another time).  But we all want to do is balance blood sugar, detox, stay appropriately hydrated, lower inflammation and then some.

Individualized nutrition and life-style changes.  Unique to the person doing the work.

So, when someone says THIS IS THE WAY, YOU MUST be cautious.  Look at the overall theme and what’s running under the “do this, do that”.  I think in the end we’re all trying to get to the same place.  Just don’t get lost in dogmatic thinking that one diet or even way of exercising or meditating is right for you.


Laura Primus
Certified Holistic Cancer Coach, Breast Cancer Survivor and not a dogmatic thinker when it comes to helping my clients find true health!

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