The Ketogenic Diet and Cancer

diet ketogenic metabolic Sep 03, 2017

The only reason I even looked at the ketogenic diet and specifically KETO//OS is due to its efficacy in inhibiting cancer growth.

Why does the ketogenic diet help in regards to cancer?

There are a number of factors here but here are a few:

First, damaged mitochondria cannot use ketones to create ATP (energy). They can use glucose, however.

Second, cancer will cause the cells to shift into fermenting sugars. Very little glucose = less energy for the cancer.

Reduce glucose & inhibit or slow the cancer cell division which can trigger apoptosis (which is cell death). Cancer cells lose their natural cell death.

Third, healthy cells thrive with ketones. So while you limit energy from glucose you replace with ketones and you feel better and full of energy.

Ketones made by the body always, always, always trump those that come from the powder made into a drink. The diet is where the real power comes from and the exogenous is ketones (the powder) should always be in addition to and not in place of the diet.

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