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lymph strategies Dec 06, 2016

Today’s anti-cancer strategy takes only a few minutes a day, right before you shower and does not only reduce your toxic load and support your lymph system but can also improve the appearance of your skin making it softer and more youthful by exfoliation.

My focus in on the benefits of skin brushing as it relates to reducing your toxic load.  When you brush your skin with a natural fiber brush you stimulate the lymph system allowing the lymph to move the toxics out of your body.  I wouldn’t have believed that running a skin over my brush in a certain way would help my body reduce it’s toxic load until I tried it the summer after I was diagnosed with cancer.  I started brushing daily and shortly thereafter I had the telltale signs of detoxing.  Which isn’t a bad thing!  I just had to  incorporate other methods to help my body usher out the toxins that my lymph had picked up and was not releasing.


Our lymph system has no musculature of it’s own.  It relies on our movement to keep it flowing.  There are several ways we can stimulate our lymph and skin brushing is one of these.  Another great way to move the lymph is rebounding (see my article here:   get my favorite rebounder here: Maximus Rebounder)

For more information on the benefits of skin brushing check out this article by Dr. Axe.

Benefits of Skin Brushing

For instructions on how to properly skin brush check out the video below.  This is the technique I use.

Skin Brush Technique

Don’t have that much time – just start from your feet and go upward using short strokes.

Need a brush?  This is a great one – I love the removeable handle:

My Favorite Skin Brush

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