The question I am most frequently asked:

cancer holistic natural Jan 28, 2018

“If you were diagnosed (again) what would you do?”

Many of the same things I do already - just with greater intensity and focus. (Which makes me think maybe I should be a lot more focused now!!!)

So what would I do?  This is where I would start.  It's a partial list:
1) Connect with a naturopath whose expertise is cancer. Likely, a local doctor named Dr. Cynthia. 
2) Jump start with a 3-5 day fast. Aiming for only water. Adding fat if needed for energy. 
3) Cut all forms of sugar including 99% of fruit. 
4) All carbs from non-starchy veg. 
5) Lots and lots of whole organic greens. 
6) Lots of healthy fats. 
7) Intermittent fasting daily. 
8) Infrared sauna
9) Rebounding
10) Consistent sleep
11) Gratitude journal
12) Emotional healing through craniosacral and EFT
13) Tons of water intake 
14) Short bursts of High Intensity Intervals a few days a week. 
15) Visualization of my natural killer cells pac-manning around gobbling up the cancer cells
16) Meditation
17) Do fun things 
18) Spend more time with friends who love me and build me up. 
19) Laugh often
20) Eats lots of immune-boosting foods like mushrooms!

This is not an exhaustive list of all the things I could do. One thing I want you to notice: this list doesn’t include one supplement.

You can’t supplement your way to good health. If I were to continue the list supplements would end up on the list. But I would take those in specific response to blood tests. I would not blanket myself I would be intentional.

Also, notice how many of these things relate to my emotional well-being.

Being well is about nourishing the body, the mind and the soul.

And, even though I am a health coach, I would hire my own coach for this journey. It is not easy, for almost everyone, to do this type of work on your own. Even when you know just about everything you need to do to support your body!!

If you’ve been recently diagnosed I encourage you to, first, take a deep breath. Breath into every space of you gratitude for something - anything. There IS something to be grateful for even if the circumstances seem overwhelming.

And, next, seek support. Please, don’t do this alone. If there is no one in your family, look to friends. But, even then, I strongly encourage you to go outside of your friends and family and find a support group, a coach or someone that can support you in a loving and caring way.

There is SO much you can do to support your health during cancer, after cancer and even now if you’ve never been diagnosed. Give yourself the best chance to get and stay well.

-Laura Primus, Holistic Cancer Coach & 5-Year Breast Cancer Survivor

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