Garlic is Your Anticancer Friend

diet nutrition Nov 15, 2016

When it comes to cancer not all vegetables, fruits or spices are equal in their anticancer role. Garlic is one of the top 10 when it comes to it's preventative role in cancer.

The sulfur compounds in garlic blocking carcinogen action before a normal cell can convert to a cancerous cell.  Having an adequate intake of nutrients that help a normal cell stay normal is crucial.  It's actually easier to stay healthy than to try to beat back cancer once it's taken hold.

Garlic is particularly helpful at protecting the body from a class of chemical compounds called nitrosamines.  Nitrosamines are formed in our gut - our intestinal flora - when we consume nitrites found in pickled foods or cured meat products.  It's also been shown to protect against a form of nitrosamine which is creating during smoking tobacco.

Cancer may also help directly affect cancer cells by helping to destroy them through apoptosis which is also known as cell death.  Different compounds extracted from garlic directly affect treatment of cells of colon, breast, lung and prostate cancers.

The best way to incorporate garlic into your anticancer regimen is raw garlic. Crush garlic and add it to your salad dressing or, if you're daring, mix with a little olive oil for a "garlic shot".  Not so daring - add the olive oil and chopped garlic to a few empty vegetable capsules and swollow.  Raw garlic is best taken right before a meal or you might end up with a lot of garlic burps!

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