Be A Smart "Supplementer"

Uncategorized Jan 03, 2017

There has been arguments going on for what seems like decades on whether or not we need to use supplements.  Some supplements seem to get a quick "pass" on the argument like Vitamin C and Zinc because they purport to help with common ailments like colds.  But, many supplements are thought to just go straight through you.

My take on supplementing is that is necessary for many people, if not most.  Sometimes ongoing supplementation is necessary.  For me, I will be supplementing with vitamin D for life.  Why?  My vitamin D receptor doesn't function properly.  I can thank some faulty genetics for that.  I will also take fish oil, probiotics, a vitamin B supplement, and a few others.  Sometimes supplementation is only needed for a period of time until the body has healed, inflammation has reduced, or an illness is over.  In these situations a therapeutic dose is often needed but only for a few weeks or months depending on the issue.


I have heard so many people argue that supplements are not worth taking.  That we don't absorb them and we end up just peeing them out.  This may be true for some people because their guts are so damaged that they aren't absorbing much of any thing from their supplements or their food.  This person needs to go on a gut healing protocol stat!  However, for someone who hasn't lost all capability of absorbing nutrients, supplements can do what their intended to do provided the supplement isn't a cheap and poorly formulated AND they get an appropriate amount.  For instance, if your body needs 10,000IU of Vitamin D because your blood test shows that you have levels under 30 ng/mL, you have a broken vitamin D receptor and you take only 2,000IU of vitamin d?  You might not see any real benefit!  You might, but you might not!  It probably won't be enough to increase your levels to between 40-70 ng/mL which is considered the best range for cancer fighting activity in your body (which, if you listen to me often, is what I'm keenly focused on).  

Note:  please take large amounts of vitamin D if you are not under the guidance of a professional.  You cannot know if you are sufficient (have plenty), insufficient (are just slightly below the baseline of 30 ng/mL) or deficient (below 21 ng/mL) if you don't do a blood test.  Low Vitamin D can be responsible for low energy, bone loss, or many other things.  But low vitamin B can cause low energy, as can adrenal issues and gut issues.  You cannot know for sure what you need unless you test.

I have done enough blood tests in the past 4 years to know what supplements have benefited me and what supplements have not.  I have seen my vitamin d levels stay flat-lined until I finally really boosted how much I'm taking.  I have watched my bone loss finally decrease once I finally added in OsteoForce Supreme by Designs for Health after watching my bone loss increase over 2 years despite a diet and activity that is "supposed" to beat back bone loss.

One of the most important things I've done when it comes to supplements is NOT settling for cheap, untested, who  knows if what they say is in there is in there supplements.  Supplements are not regulated. Supplement companies do not have to prove that what they say is in the supplement is actually there.  And, they also don't have to use the most effective type of a supplement (did you know there are at least 9 types of magnesium and some do one thing and some do another and some you really don't want to take?).  They also don't have to promise to keep your supplement free and clear of unnecessary excipients.(read:  junk you don't need used as fillers).

So, when you invest in a supplement (yes, INVEST), choose brands that have been third party tested, choose manufacturers that market to health care providers to sell their products as these supplements are typically cleaner, have been types of a vitamin, mineral or herb, or might be organic.

If you're looking to upgrade your multi-vitamin, get some fish oil that you can be assured hasn't gone rancid (yes, most tested on the shelves at your local store are in face rancid), or many other vitamins let me know.  I have access to 4 high quality manufacturers.  And I just might have a good deal going on (I usually do!).


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