Approaching Cancer as a Metabolic Disease

Dr. Thomas Seyfried has been researching cancer for decades. He states that cancer is a metabolic disease. What does this mean in basic terms? It means that when the cell metabolism isn't working well this can allow the cell to become cancerous. What is cell metabolism? It's all the chemical processes a cell goes through to maintain life. If those processes are working well the cell is unlikely to become cancerous. Our mitochondria need to be minded. Nourished.

Many people believe that there is little they can do when it comes to cancer. That cancer just happens. This isn't true! We have so many ways we can nourish our bodies, protect our cells, and keep our cell metabolism perking right along.

Dr. Mercola writes:

5 Powerful Steps to Minimize Your Cancer Risk

1. Switch over to a cyclical ketogenic diet and then intermittent feasting and fasting.
2. Avoid pesticides, herbicides, genetically engineered and factory farmed foods (choose organic, locally grown whole foods whenever possible)
3. Move more and exercise regularly (simply sitting less can make a profound difference in your health)
4. Get regular sun exposure and maintain healthy vitamin D serum levels (>60 ng/ml).
5. Detox your body with regular full spectrum infrared sauna sessions.  (We highly recommend the Sunlighten Solo Sauna seen below. )

There are many other ways to maintain a healthy metabolism. The foundation starts with a metabolically supportive diet. Keep those cells happy and humming. We at the Cancer ReMission Project believe that cancer is best kept at bay through work on the body, the mind and the soul. Attend to all three and you'll create a body that is inhospitable to cancer.

For more information check out Dr. Mercola's article:  "Promoting Advances in Managing Cancer as a Metabolic Disease Need Your Support."

Promoting Advances in Managing Cancer as a Metabolic Disease Need Your Support

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